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Good morning, welcome to the Andy McKay website
Andy Mckay / Photography
The photographic portfolio spans work with a range of content from a world travel to themed exhibitions of abstract work. Most of this work is available as commissioned prints in a variety of sizes or for copyright licensing on application.
New Work 2020 (6)
New Work 2020
A collection of photographic & digital manipulations evolved during 2020. Some of these are based upon the theme of ‘Spiral’.
Posted 17th December 2020
STRATA STREAMS - Digital Montage Exhibition (25)
STRATA STREAMS - Digital Montage Exhibition
STRATA STREAMS is a themed exhibition of large scale re-worked abstract photographic images based upon natural forms which was first shown in March 2007 at the Mezzanine Gallery, Millgate Museum in Newark UK.

High resolution prints of images from the exhibition are available in a range of sizes commissioned by application. The artist is currently evolving a moving image based film/installation piece exploring abstractions in landscape due for release in 2012.

Most photographic images have their own integral structure and intensity - seeing them frozen side by side enables comparison and contrast. When the same images are compiled in a moving sequence, constantly superimposed, layered or cross faded between, our perception searches for each to be allowed its moment of visual dominance; Thus, in a single constantly changing frame, there are points at which perception is confused as the integrity of the individual image is lost. Paradoxically if the fleeting moment of change is then frozen in a still frame, the abstraction created in the new image enables perception to sense a new order.

The images in this exhibition consist of both still images and a moving image installation. The stills are large photographic images derived from natural subjects which have been produced through layered montage and frozen at a point of transition between layers. The installation is a large screen moving and sound image display of the original image sources in constant transition through layers. As the two components of still and moving image exist in the same physical space comparisons can be made between the fixed and transitory experiences of both forms.
Posted 20th November 2007
A Library of Still Life images.
Posted 6th March 2008
The Library contains a range of photographic images of natural subjects shot in a variety of locations during. Images are available as prints in a range of sizes or for copyright licencing.
Posted 29th December 2007
The catalogue contains a range of photographic images originally shot from worldwide locations during photographic expeditions. Images are available as prints in a range of sizes or for copyright licencing
Posted 20th November 2007
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