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Good morning, welcome to the Andy McKay website
Andy Mckay / Film
Independent film production over 3 decades ranges from fiction, experimental and documentary - taking me wherever the wind blows next. Many of these works are available on DVD on application.
Andy Mckay's film uses evocative imagery aside the voices of five people recounting the journeys they took, from their darkest days of childhood sexual abuse, through its physical and psychological impacts, culminating in the strategies enabling their present more optimistic state of survival.
The film was commissioned by the charity ISAS,(Incest and Sexual Abuse Survivors) to focus minds upon their counselling and support strategies. It was premiered at Broadway Cinema, Nottingham in October 2014 and received a Midlands Centre Royal Television Society award nomination in September 2015.
Posted 24th November 2014
Strata Streams is a poetic sensory film evolving through transitions between layers of still and moving images derived from a multitude of geophysical forms. The film explores the capacity of nature to deliver an ambiguous balance between naturalism and pure visual abstraction with soundscape providing an elemental sense of journey. Visual Exposition: Andy Mckay. Music David Wilson
Posted 30th June 2014
Nottingham on Film (3)
Nottingham on Film
Known as The Queen of the Midlands, Nottingham is an ancient city with a rich cultural and industrial history. The twentieth century saw rapid change for Nottingham, in the market square - the largest in England outside the capital and scene of many civic celebrations, in industry and transport, as well as in everyday life , and the new medium of film was there to record this change.

Nottingham on Film, produced and edited by acclaimed filmmaker Andy McKay and his team at the University of Lincoln's School of Media, pieces together rarely seen and newly restored film preserved at the Media Archive for Central England (MACE) from 1920 to 1980. The DVD is available from the Media Archive for Central England and was nominated at the FOCAL International Awards 2013 as a finalist in the category for Best Use of Footage in a Home Entertainment Release.
Posted 14th November 2012
Worcestershire on Film (0)
Worcestershire on Film
Worcestershire is a county steeped in history and between its rolling countryside and Rivers Avon and Severn sit towns, villages and communities with a rich cultural heritage. Using seven themes, Worcestershire on Film, produced and edited by filmmaker Andy McKay, pieces together rarely seen and newly restored 20th century films of the county that are preserved at the Media Archive for Central England (MACE).

Amongst the films are a variety of reports from ATV Today which ran from 1964 to 1981, including: village reaction to the possible sale of Bredon church spire to America in 1968; the 1969 demolition of the house on Rainbow Hill where Sir Edward Elgar died; crop picking and asparagus farming in the 1960s and 1970s and reports from the 1960s to 1980s on flooding in the county when the River Severn burst its banks. There is also a focus on industry including a 1925 film illustrating carpet making in Kidderminster and a look at needle making in Redditch in 1968.The collection includes film of Winston Churchill's visit to Worcester on 20th May 1950 with a glimpse of the newly discovered letters between Churchill and the city's mayor, encouraging Churchill to make this visit after he was granted the freedom of the city in 1945.
Posted 14th November 2012
Derbyshire on Film � The Peak District (0)
Derbyshire on Film � The Peak District
Derbyshire on Film The Peak District, produced and edited by acclaimed filmmaker Andy McKay is a series of films adapted from the Media Archive for Central England which have been enhanced, re-edited and themed to illustrate life in this mesmerising county.
In this DVD you will see Gwyn Richards tell the tale of the flooding of Derwent Village and Ashopton to make way for Ladybower Reservoir; see the blizzards of 1938 and hear the snow poem by Derbyshire poet Mark Gwynne Jones; watch the quarrying and cutting of Blue John; hear memories of those who took part in the mass trespass of 1932; look back at Chatsworth and Haddon Hall in the 1960s and families enjoying the countryside in the 1950s and 1960s; marvel at how little Dovedale has changed since the 1930s.
Posted 14th November 2012
A Documentary Film by Andrew Mckay 60 mins.
Editor: David Sleight Sound Composition: Ronnie Fowler. Cinematography: Luisa Cacioppo, John Stewart, Andy Mckay, Graham Forde.

Launched at a reception hosted by the Government of Bermuda, the film was premiered at the Tradewinds Auditorium in The Bermuda International Film Festival in March 2007 and received a standing ovation. The UK Preview took place in June 2007 at the Broadway Cinema Nottingham.

Bermuda Sun " Andy Mckay gives us a fascinating profile of one of the artists that helped lay the foundations of Black British Art in the UK " Bermuda Royal Gazette " The film is a candid portrayal of the artist, but also the artistic process" " I wish there were more films like this"

DVD is £10.50 + P&P available from....
INTA FILMS 43 Farndon Rd. Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG24 4SQ UK.
Posted 8th December 2007
DV MINIATURES is a series of eight x 3.5 minute films produced by Andy Mckay in celebration of Year of the Artist 2001.

First Premiered at Broadway Cinema Nottingham, these films have been shown at over 60 international film festivals an other venues. This has included award nominations. ( see more for listings)

Produced on DV Cam, each film represents a new work " explorations in film from the collaboration of 8 film makers working with 8 artists from a variety of artforms ranging through the visual arts to dance, poetry and animation.
From a production concept originated by film maker and producer Andy Mckay, this Year of the Artist project includes professional artists who were engaged in a development process during Summer 2000 with completion of films in early 2001.

DVD Available £10 contact Andy Mckay: Also Available on Critical Mass from Threshold Studios Northampton ISBN 5 038044300 22 5 Iris Light
Posted 8th December 2007
Written and directed by Andrew Mckay "Sounds Imperfect" is a short 35mm fiction with comic actor and ex Scaffold poet John Gorman which received special mention by jury member Lyndsay Anderson at its premiere in the the 1989 Odense Film Festival.
Set in a not too distant future world of digital untrasound and noise polution, a harmless man books into a city hotel for a night that will remain in his memory for as long as he lives
Posted 8th December 2007
A FACE IN THE CLOUDS 25 mins Fiction, Written and Directed by Andrew Mckay.1993

With Steve Haig and Glen Kinch, Edited By John Stewart. Music Composition by Ronnie Fowler. Produced by Andrew Mckay. Co Financed by Arts Council East Midlands and Central Television.

Shown on Central Television in 1993

Based upon the Gargoyles at Rufford Abbey in North Nottinghamshire,England, the film is a ficional tale about how the history that we read in books does not always reflect a true version of events. A young man makes an innocent visit to a decomposing country estate in search of the meaning of history. Accidentally receiving a knock on the head from falling gargoyle he descends into a dream where he meets an ageless stonemason who re-casts other tourists as the historical characters he once caricatured in stone. Together they revisit 1000 years of history which exposes the truth about aristocracy, land ownership and how history is truthfully recorded not by scribes but by the common man in the gargoyles that leave a trail through time.

Tongue in cheek - and caricatured throughout.
Posted 20th November 2007
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